Young People’s Testimonials

Durham Youth Project is something that I have felt privileged to be apart of. The staff and skills that I have gained is something I never got from school. This project gave me the inspiration and confidence to succeed in anything. I started attending the project for my Duke of Edinburgh award, which helped me gain life skills and  the confidence in doing something I never thought I could. I managed to gain the confidence to complete my award and I then started working for the project.

Without this project I don’t think I would have been able to succeed as much the emotional support was the best especially for myself as I struggled with school and the changes within that period of time. When working for the project I began to see the amazing work that we do for the young people, giving them the opportunity to believe they can do anything and also having a safe place to go to in the evenings rather than being on the streets with nothing to do. I felt overwhelmed to have transitioned from a young person into a leader they looked up to helping them believe if they try they can succeed.

I am currently studying a three year university BA Hons at Sunderland University and have gone on to be able to work Part Time in young work for NCS.

Without this project I feel my transition into adulthood would have been a much daunting experience. I have made true friendships with the staff/ colleagues and hope that they can continue to make a difference to other young people like I once was.

During my time coming to the youthie it’s helped me make lots of new friends which I don’t just speak to on a Wednesday.  The reasons I come to youthie is because it’s good craic and somewhere to go to stay out of trouble.

First of all I joined the youth club cause my friends told me to come but soon they all left us they had done their exams and left.  The youth club soon helped me make new friends and I also got a chance to go to places I haven’t been before like Sambuccas and Go Karting.  The reason I keep going to the club now is because I get many opportunities to go out, do things and make new friends.  It has also helped me listen to others point of view and I try and support in the groups.

The youth club has made my social skills better, because I used to be the quiet kid at the corner of the class room and in year 7 I had no friends in school and wandered around aimlessly.  It’s also made my relationship with my brother better as we both come to the youthie.  Doing Keyfund has raised my confidence in speaking to strangers and had so much fun “go-karting”.
I like coming as its fun and gets me out the house, I love playing games at youthie which has now made me into a good team player. 

I come to youthie so I can see my mates and be warm.  If I didn’t go I would be hanging around the streets, smoking dope and getting into trouble.  The youthie has helped me keep out of trouble and I can talk to the workers about problems I was having a home.

There’s never anything to do so I come to the youthie, as my pals come too.  Before I came my parents divorced and I didn’t cope well.  I was getting into trouble at school and played truant a lot, smoking weed too.   One of the youth workers came into the school and suggested I try the youth club, this helped me with stuff that was going on.  My attendance at school is good now.

I enjoy coming to youth club as I enjoy talking about problems in my life and doing different activities.  It has made me more confident and who I am today.  Before I struggled speaking in front of people but I can now feel ok talking to people, and get my side across.  I struggled going into a shop as it made me nervous but I am fine doing this now.  The project took me for my first day trip without my family and it helped me make friends.  It is full a positive environment where I am encouraged to try new stuff but I have overcome this as the new stuff I have tried I have liked.  When I am out in the street I feel ok to speak to people from my school but before I would have avoided t hem.  When I am feeling sad or down the youth workers cheer us up and we have a laugh.  We always play fun games and we aren’t scared to say what we like this makes me feel really good.  We can do whatever we want and not feel embarrassed as everyone is nice. I would be really sad if the group stopped as this is the only place I come to see my friends. I get excited every week to come as I am normally watching TV.